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Monday, April 22, 2024

Star Mesh Body at Fantasy Faire

One of my favorite things at this year's Fantasy Faire is the Star Mesh Body. The body is done well, with features one would expect as well as a few innovations. It also comes with two animated mesh heads: Baby and Pro. The extensive HUD contains settings for both the head and body which will help to declutter the viewer. Another surprise is a conformer, which I will say more about below. There is even a fix button for alpha glitches.

The package contains many options. The mesh heads have a button in the HUD to change from EVOX to SLUV mapping so most skins will work. The included heads look great, but if you'd rather use another, it's not a problem. Just take off the SMB head and add the one you want. You may have to redo your shape. I recommend starting with the Star Body shape you like best, and then readjust the head. I got very close to my usual look.

Pro head with edited shape

Left: Lelutka Sugar head on Maitreya LaraX. Right: Same head on Star Body

The body is made in sections, kind of like the Genus Morph head. There are several bust shape options, shoulder options, etc., so you can try them and choose your favorite. There is also a deformer for fine tuning. The body has layers that work with appliers, and there’s also a BOM version that only has one layer. The BOM version has a much lower rendering cost. One wears the conformer, and it basically adjusts the body to whatever clothing you’re wearing. This means that we can still wear clothes rigged for Maitreya and also for many other bodies. This is a great idea! Star Mesh Body has a series of videos on YouTube that explain everything. I watched the one for the conformer and found out that it needs to be enabled in the HUD. I tried on a dress rigged for Maitreya, clicked the HUD and my body popped right into the dress and looked great. Clothes rigged for some bodies fit the Star Body better than others, so do try a demo to make sure it works for you.

LaraX on left. Star Body on right

The Star Mesh Body is offered at half price during Fantasy Faire. Getting a mesh head and a mesh body for under 2500L is a steal, so be sure to grab it while you can. You can also get a Panthorian add-on free with the body. The included HUD has a lot of fantasy colored cat skins and one that has a more natural wildcat face and body. The store has some fun costumes made especially for the Star Mesh Body, including a Steampunk style dress and a retro spacesuit. There is also more information at the store. Star Mesh Body is a Sponsor of Fantasy Faire. Enjoy!

Panthorian option - outfit is included

Star Mesh Body BOM

Star Mesh Body - YouTube [BODY] SB_BOM_3.85 [MOD]Chest-Breast-Saggy1Small1 [HAND&FEET] SB_Layered_3.85_Default [MOD]Delicate chest posture [CONFORM] SB_Mesh_S_3.84_SingleLayer HEAD / lel evox / SUGAR 4.0 EARS elf / lel evox / SUGAR (add) 4.0 EYES / Tville perfect eyes Hawker's House - Ladies Mesh Enya Gown Berry [monso] Hoshino Hair in white [DB] Thyria Jewelry


Maitreya Mesh Body - LaraX V1.0
HEAD / lel evox / SUGAR 4.0
EYES / Tville perfect eyes
Ladies Mesh Enya Gown Berry   Maitreya
^^Swallow^^ Pixie Gauged S Ears (f) 2.0
LIVIA::Moon Rings - Left - Maitreya
Void - Flutter Lashes 
Portal: Rana Necklace
[Evelyn] Enchanted Hairstyle in blonde

Panthorian (All included)

[BODY] SB_Layered_3.85
SB - [EARS] Panthoria_3.85
SB - Eyes -UnriggedL 3.84
SB - [TAIL] Rig 3.85
SB - [HAND&FEET4] Panthoria_Layered_3.85
SB - [HEAD] Pandoria_Head_3.85_HD +EVOX
MG - SMB Hair Braid
SB - Panthoria Headpiece
SB - Panthoria Knife
SB - Panthoria Feather Necklace
SB - Panthoria Leather Top
SB - Panthoria Leather Skirt
SB - [TAIL] Binds 3.85
SB - Panthoria Hair w/Feathers - Black

Now at Fantasy Faire:

Star Mesh Body http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wistlyn%20Shallows/35/106/95

Hawker's House - Enya Gown http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Miralume/180/35/76
I've received lots of compliments on this dress. It is available in a range of lovely colors.

Portal - Rana Necklace http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thunnus%20Bay/201/201/23
This necklace would be appropriate in a variety of time periods. The HUD has 8 metals and 18 gemstones.

Drunken Brokkr - Thyria Jewelry http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FF%20Samsara/96/161/84 The pieces in this set are sold together or separately. They all come with an extensive HUD.

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  1. Love this blog and love how you compared it to other body types and showed the differences. Thank you for covering this body so well!