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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

SL15B and the Magic Boots!

This is just a quick post to show something cool that I discovered by accident. I was exploring SL15B, Second Life's 15th Anniversary Celebration, with members of my Art Study Group. A few of us were dressing up in the crystal theme. There's a free crystal avatar, male and female at the welcome center, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL15B%20Pizzazz/82/125/25.

Here's Tiffany Mosienko, whose outfit just matched this crystal cave based on the Naica Cave in Chihuahua, Mexico. You can see it here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL15B%20Incredible/210/55/23

Tiffany and I visited another crystal cave, Shambhala Sanctuary, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL15B%20Incredible/210/55/23

Take a look at my boots. They are from MoonAmore, from the Ocean Lover gacha, in lilac. I thought they went well with the crystal dress that comes with the free avatar available at SL15B.

This is the cool part. I walked into a crystal building by Wizzy Gynoid and the textures on the walls began changing. It was a nice effect, then I noticed that my boots were changing along with it. Here's the SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL15B%20Stunning/239/222/24

When you leave the parcel, the boots go back to normal, though once I had to reattach them. Anyway, I thought you might want to try it yourself, so I'm posting this quickly while SL15B is still open. It ends on June 24th.

The crystal outfit also has a male version. This is Savage Taurus wearing it.

If that's not enough, you can always get a cricket avatar, like me and Elle Thorkveld did. It's by Vershean Guillaume, and is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL15B%20Incredible/148/70/23.

Credits for my outfit:

Hair and boots from MoonAmore's Ocean Lover gacha
Crystal dress from SL15B.
Sheer tights applier from Izzie's

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My Favorite Things

Each time I change my sim around, there are certain things I use again and again. I wanted to show them off in this blog. People who know me well are often confounded because I change my house so often. I just love architecture and enjoy living in different style houses. The Paris House from Rebourne is my favorite. Pre-mesh, it's still the most beautifully textured house I've seen in SL.

It's mod, but I've left most of it alone, and I'm known for retexturing houses. I did unlink and copy, and made a veranda in back, complete with hanging wisteria.

I photographed the patio on ultra with shadows and made a texture out of it, so I can have shadows all the time, at any graphics setting.

The house is not huge, but has all the rooms I need to display my favorite things. In the living room, there's a vivarium with bees that fly around inside. It's very old, but I love it. The outside of the globe is clear and the inside is textured which gives it a magical look. The bees stay in with a script. It's the work of Mickey Heaney.

Notice the sunlight coming in through the windows in the Paris House. Nearby are some of the awards I've won while in SL. There's the Tournee d'Avatar with cavorite stone from the Caledon Olympics. It was a test of creativity and my competitors were very creative. I narrowly took the gold. Next is a lovely plaque made by Patty Poppy for an art show I was in. The large trophy was first place in the Steelhead Animal Races. I won it on my AKK Friesian, Virgil. To the far left is a dryad bonsai from Hextraordinary. They are sitting on a gothic table from DRD's Bloodcroft Manor gacha.

Also in the living room is a paintset that I made next to a pile of teacups from Kalopsia. I love the teacups and usually have them somewhere in my house.

Finally, I enjoy having musicians around to play for me. These are from House of Alisha. The piano plays music by Torley Linden, and is from Penn Euler. The scroll head harp is from DRD.

This is already pretty long, and I've only done one room! I'm going to take a break.

I'm not being paid to sell you these things. These are favorites from 2008-2018. My apologies if some of it is no longer available.

To be continued....

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Snokra Snake!

I saw someone wearing this snake avatar at a recent shopping event. To a long time fan of reptiles, that avi was more interesting than anything on sale, and I had to have one. To my delight, it's modifiable. The tail has a number of animations, as does the mouth/tongue. The shape can be changed, and the hands are bento.

My snake would of course be Victorian and sun herself on the veranda.

Perhaps she would be a snake in the grass.

Would Victorian conventions constrict her?

It's doubtful. After all, she's still a snake!


Avatar: Snokra Snake
Hood piercing: {ii} Slithering spiral
Dress: Bare Rose - Flat IsaBat
Skin mod: Aten'Ka Winter
Arm warmers: [WS] Snokra warmers set

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Homage to Caitlin Tobias

As a blogger, I hope that people will be excited about something I blog, whether it's an accessory, a place to visit, or just some fun new thing. Most of the time, I never know, so I thought this blog would be about taking another blogger's blog and showing them what I did with the information. I first became aware of Caitlin Tobias when I joined the SL Blogger Support group. At the time, she was the manager, and what a great group it was! Her latest posts have been about interesting places in SL, so I visited them.

The first is Mother Road, a recreation of a section of Route 66. This famous highway linked the US, stretching from Chicago to Santa Monica. It was opened in 1926, and was a big deal. People could drive long distances in their huge comfortable cars on a nice highway for the first time. It was celebrated in music, on tv, and was an inspiration to Jack Kerouac and other writers. Caitlin blogged it here: https://caitlintobias.com/2017/11/02/mother-road/

It is indeed a lovely sim, beautifully desolate. In real life, I've taken Route 66 from Arizona to Chicago, and can say the sim does evoke the feeling of that famous highway. In real life, we stopped at a diner at one point and the waitress told us that most of the people who come there are from Europe. Americans are taking the newer freeways. Here's sunset, on the road:

Another sim Caitlin blogged was Holiday Trace. This is a charming snow covered country sim, and the perfect place to try out my new stag which is a modification of the Water Horse Draft horse. The sim is detailed, with a train station, cottages, and a barn with Christmas trees. There are also lots of animals around. Here I am in the woods, on my stag, enjoying the shadows and light snowfall.

Later I found my stag trying to make friends with the local reindeer by offering them a candy cane:

Caitlin blogged it here: https://caitlintobias.com/2017/11/23/holiday-trace/

My final visit is to Greenland. It's another sim with lots of detail and interesting nuances, including this Christmas tree in a Fiat:

Greenland has lots of places to sit and enjoy the sim. My final photo is up in the mountains looking down on the town:

Caitlin's post is here: https://caitlintobias.com/2017/11/18/white/

I'm always amazed by the creativity in SL. Now I'd like to offer many thanks to Caitlin for blogging these places. I would never have known about them otherwise.

Happy Holidays to all!


Mother Road

Dress and hatbox were freebies from 1920s New York City
Hair is Jisu from Monso
Shoes are Oksana from Ingenue
Pose and guitar are in the bench on the sim

Holiday Trace

The stag is from Jinx and is a mod of the Water Horse Riding Clydesdale
White stag coat mod is from The Painted pony
Dress is Holiday 2015 from alpha.tribe
Hat is Sweet Pixie Cap, a gacha prize from Junbug
Hair is Daenerys from Monso


Outfit is autumn coat with skirt, a gacha prize from Go!
Hair/beret is also a gacha prize from Go!
Cozy tights are from Izzie's
Chucks by Logan Porterfield (LoPo)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Horse Evolution in Second Life

Trilby was created almost 10 years ago, in 2008. She reincarnates periodically and starts fresh. Trilby 1 was pre-mesh. Trilby 2 had a mesh body. Trilby 3 added a mesh head, and Trilby 4 is bento. Her horses have changed quite a bit too.

At the far left is Trilby 1 on her Friesian, Virgil, from AKK. Pre-mesh, this horse was state of the art, with 16 or so legs that lit up in a series to give the impression of movement. It was brilliantly done, like a film or a flip book. Trilby won the Steelhead Horse Race on this horse, sidesaddle. The size could be changed, which made it very popular during the petite craze.

Next over is Trilby 2 on her horse, Calliope, from KOT. One of its creators was in Trilby's riding club, the Mount Caledon Troopers. Trilby 2 went wild over this horse. It actually had 4 legs that moved, and had very realistic animations. One could change the color with a hud. Sidesaddle was not available, and because of the way the mesh was rigged, you couldn't wear your own shape. Still, it was a thrilling advance.

Let's skip to the far right where Trilby 3 is on her horse Dante, which is the first mesh horse from AKK. This horse was rigged so that you could wear your own shape. It was modifiable, and the color and size could be changed. Sidesaddle was also available.

Second from the right is the current Trilby on her horse, Hopkins. This horse is from Water Horse. They started out making horse avatars, and this riding horse is just as beautiful. Everything can be modified, and tons of accessories are available, including a sidesaddle AO and different gaits.

Trilby 5, not yet introduced, is already looking forward to the next innovation.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Back in the Sidesaddle Again

Since I am generally a Victorian lady in Second Life, being able to ride sidesaddle is important to me. As you know, I've devoted several blogs to this topic as methods became available. Now there's a sidesaddle set for the Water Horse Riding Horse. It's made by Mythril. To use, you switch out the animations in the custom tack AO, just like you would change animations in your own AO. The Mythril animations have the same name as the default animations, so you don't have to change the notecard. More animations are supposed to follow in updates, but it's fine for general riding now.

And what to wear? Mesh riding skirts just don't drape as well as some of the old flexi skirts, not to mention the lack of movement. Most of the old outfits with flexi skirts have not been updated for mesh bodies. To get the best of both worlds, I'm wearing a mash up here: a flexi side saddle skirt, a jacket with cravat, and a hat from still another outfit. I'm mashing up the centuries as well, with 18th-century skirt and hat and a steampunk jacket. The skirt is available in a variety of colors, and the jacket has a color change hud. The hat comes in many colors as well. This is an expensive option if you go out and buy three outfits, but I already had two of them. The 18th-century outfit comes with a tricorn hat as well as a walking skirt and a skirt for riding astride. I'm wearing a different hat because it has flowers, and I liked it with the mane.

I'm riding through Caledon Moors in the photo. My horse is wearing a third party mane and tail, as well as alternate tack. The mane and tail are color change and come with a hud. His coat and eyes have also been modified. Which brings us to the credits....


Jacket and cravat: Tainted Love from RaMp
Skirt: Brotherhood from Wunderlich (comes in other colors)
Hat: Antoinette from Ladies Pleasure (comes in other colors)
Hair: Kiara 2 from VolutptasVirtalis
Mesh body is Maitreya
Mesh head is Catya from Catwa
Khaly Skin from YS&YS

Warmblood riding horse from Water Horse (there is also a quarter horse)
Flanders mane and tail from Jinx, now at WLRP
Aerith Tack from Jinx (comes in other colors)
Coat: Almost White from Painted Pony
Eye: my own texture
Side Saddle Set from Mythril

Pose set 1from Mythril


Places Wiccan
Phototools Jessica light 4

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Lots of new products have come out for the Water Horse Riding Horse. Almost everything about the horse is mod, and creators are making all kinds of things for it. I love retexturing things, so I enjoy being able to change the horse's color to compliment my riding habit. The horse can also change into a unicorn, a dragon, or a carousel horse in just a few clicks.

The carousel pattern is kind of like a tattoo. Your horse can be any color underneath, and the carousel pattern comes in 4 colors, and includes sequined hooves.

The tack can also change. One option is the Arabian set pictured above. It comes with a hud that changes the colors. One can even buy replacement AO animations from Mythril, and add them to the tack just like changing the animations in an avatar's AO. These allow the horse to perform a racking gait, among other things.

In addition there are specially made static animations available that pose both horse and rider. The first and last photos show two of them.


First photo

Trilby: Outfit is Amelka from Go!
Sylvan elf ears are from BentBox
Hair is No.Fiction from No.Match

Horse: Aerith Bridle and Saddle are from Jinx
Summer Flower mane and tail are from Jinx
Mane plaits are from jinx's Unicorn set
Pose is Cute Photo from Mythril's photo pose set 1

Second photo

Trilby: Dress is Charlotte from Hapi Rabi (gacha prize)
Hair is Pixie from Besom (gacha prize from Pocket Gacha)
Shoes are MaryJane from ClarityMoon

Horse: Country mane from Jinx
Summer flower tail from Jinx
Tack is standard with White English applier from The Texture Barn
Carousel applier is from The Painted Pony

Third photo

Trilby: Outfit is Jaya from Ala Folie
Hair is Cozy Cutie from Clawtooth

Horse: Arabian tack is from Jinx
Same mane and tail as photo #1

Fourth photo

Same as photo #2
Pose is Spanish Walk from Mythril's photo pose set 1

All photos

Trilby: Body is Maitreya Lara
Head is Catya by Catwa
Sidesaddle pose by Tapple Gao

Horse: Warmblood from Water Horse