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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

It's Raining Gifts -- Hallelujah!

Sometimes I like to amuse myself by seeing what outfit I can make from what I buy at one event. The designers at SaNaRae are giving away gifts this round to celebrate SaNaRae's first anniversary. These are by no means all the gifts I acquired, just the ones I could squeeze into one outfit. Here it is:

The Tendril Kitty from *katat0nik* is not a gift, rather it's a gacha prize, and comes in different colors. You do get a tendril kitty with each pull. I'm also wearing Enfer Sombre's Aiko skin, which is from the event, but not free. The freckles that I'm wearing with it, are a gift from Enfer Sombre. Both are Catwa appliers. The pose is a gift from andika. It's nice because you can change the pose with a HUD. There's also a poseball and individual animations.

My hair is from Cheveaux. The Jackalope on my head is from ~silentsparrow~. The color change pom pom earrings are from Pink Hustler. My necklace is from [sYs], and the mini tattoo just under it is from IGOTIT. It comes as a tattoo layer, and as appliers for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, and Omega. The blue mesh dress is from MSS (Me Sew Sexy Clothier). You can also get a better look at the Tendril Kitty here, mentioned earlier.

The pink umbrella has it's own holding pose, and is from AMITOMO. The tattoo on my back is from Nanika. The basket on my arm is from Belle Epoque. The bracelet in the inset is from Oxide and has a color change HUD. The beaded bracelet on the arm with the basket is from [ dynasty ]. 

These wonderful kawaii stockings are from Supernatural and have Omega and TMP appliers, but no regular tattoo layer. The shoes are from {Livalle}, and have a blue inset on the side.

Everything is available at SaNaRae. And there's loads more!

Windlight: Places Wiccan
Rain is Real Rain from Brazilian Surf.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Flapper Noir

AB Normal is a brain bot in a jar, capable of learning and speaking. He was a special guest at Mary Shelley's birthday party, and now resides in a steampunk cathedral, Mary of the Moors. He writes much better captions than I do. The one for this photo is, "Send me an icy fantasy, and that purple thing above Trilby." That purple thing is a portrait in Isobel DeSantis's fabulous art deco mansion from Hanging the Moon. It seemed the perfect place to take photos in 1920s attire, even though we didn't quite have permission. We crept inside, late at night, while the Duchess was away.

The headlights from her Isotta-Fraschini roadster lit up the night, and us, as we gossiped in front of the fireplace. "1816 was Sunday, thanks for a brain! The monsters are out of cake!" said AB Normal. We ran for the back door, giddy with gin and our adventure.

The next day, I returned to the scene of the crime. Thankfully we had not been discovered, and I spent the afternoon admiring the Duchess's lovely garden. "Trilby can be any flavor. In joy or sorrow she has the power to see. It's electrifying!" AB knows flattery will get him into my blog. 


Special Guests: Skye McLeod (on the right)

My costume:
Dress: AlaFolie Solange bleue
Shoes: [Breathe] Mandy Heels
Hair: Vanity Hair Pixivor
Eyes: S0ng Nell

Poses from **taisaya**

Windlights: Phototools- Hufflepuff and July Light

Special thanks to Isobel DeSantis, Duchess of Mayfair

Friday, September 16, 2016

Kitsune look

The last few days I've been playing with a kitsune look. A kitsune is a fox spirit who can sometimes take human form. A magical forest seemed like a good setting for the first photo. If you look closely, you'll see I'm holding a baby unicorn. I put on a long goddess dress with a train that seemed to match the mood of the forest. Here's a closeup:

The unicorn is animated. My kitsune ears have jewelry and obsidian crystals. The dress comes with a webbed pearl necklace. I'm smiling wide to show off my fangs. I figured a kitsune would have them.

Here's a more modern rockabilly kitsune look in a lace up polka dotted dress. Kitsunes can have multiple tails, up to nine. Here I have three tails holding a big obsidian crystal. 


Both photos

My usual Catwa head and Maitreya body
Skin applier with kitsune markings is Yuki #6 from Le Forme (gacha)
Extra face markings from Mad Mongol Make-up
Kitty.hair from [Nani] (gacha)
Catwa Vampire Teeth
Avaricious white kitsune ears and tail from Evermore (gacha)
(was at Whimsical--check main store, next link)
Scaredy Cat eyes from Evermore
Keeping Kraken manicure from Koffin Nails
(Maitreya version from Lovefest, link is a Slink version)

Forest photo

Finesmith sweetheart gown in cream (may be unavailable)
Baby Unicorn: Birdy Story Book Unicorn, pink (gacha only a few on Marketplace left)
Adult unicorn from Tin Teddy
Windlight: Phototools- dream book light 03

Shipyard photo

Bangles from Phoebe (similar to these)
Mary Jane heels from ROC
Cog & Fleur Rockadolly OTS pencil dress
Goth Lolita's collar from this set
Windlight: July light 01

Location for both photos: Caledon Moors