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Sunday, July 24, 2016


Many visitors come by Caledon Moors, and I'm always adding little things for them to discover. The mood at Moors is dark. There's a cemetery, a ruined castle, and the house from Dark Shadows. It's a place to come and brood after Madame Bovary has taken poison, or when you learn that Mr Rochester has a deranged wife locked in the attic, or that Jasper will never love Annabelle even though she brought him back to life. Now there are some new poses at the castle, one in the bell tower, and the other by the fountain.


Dress: Pixicats - Thorn Dress at The Epiphany
Shoes: Breathe - Mandy Heels at The Forest
Hat: Zibska - Aiah at HairFair
Hair: No.Match - No Promise
Nails: Formanails - Ballerina
Ring: Project K - Antique Onix
Bracelet: KOSH - Multiplex
Pose: EvoLove Fallen
Windlight: Phototools Epi Vintage

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Turning Japanese

Today I went to Origami, a Japanese Horror Event. I didn't figure out how to play the game, but there were lots of interesting things to look at and buy. I put together an outfit based on what I got there. I am not Japanese, so please forgive me if I misuse any terms.

The outfit comes in several versions and colors. I liked the red which was bare breasted. I tried it with a corset, which looked ok. Then I thought it might make a lovely beach cover up, with its airy netting.

One reason I got the outfit was so I could wear these high heeled geta's with it. They come with either a black sole or a light wooden one. Different colors are available for each. They are made for slink medium feet, but can be adjusted to move up, down, and sideways. I'm wearing them with Maitreya feet.

Other fun accessories include a very detailed pipe that attaches to the mouth. Instead of smoke, fireworks come out of it. There are several different firework configurations that play. The pipe comes in many colors.

The instrument is called a Sanshin, and is in a gacha. This one is #5. It comes in both male and female versions. It includes the animated playing pose that I'm using in the pictures.

Finally, I got lucky and won this watermelon backpack in a gacha. It's resizable and fits better than most backpacks I've tried.

I paired the outfit with a bikini that's currently free on Marketplace. The texture went with the kimono fabric. Everything else can be found in the credits.


++Twilight++: Sanshin
*G-D*: Watermelon Backpack A
(CxC): Fireworks Kiseru
kecho(akago):kokorotayori (outfit)
(CxC): HeelGeta

Ikon: Charm Eyes
Maitreya Mesh Body
Catwa Head Amy
SilentSparrow: Foxlove tattoo (standard avi and Omega appliers)
KOSH: Jewelry
Besom: Kaleidoscope
Wind light: Torley SciFi Spiceflow

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Seasons Story

Trilby's Tips

My favorite thing from this round of Seasons Story is the Fluffy Flutter Friend from Lovely Alien. It's in a gacha and comes in lots of colors. I got most of them. Their wings all have spots, and their eyes are shiny. Who wouldn't want a giant moth riding on their shoulder?


Get your Fluffy Flutter Friend at Seasons Story before July 30th. They are in the middle section on the SW corner.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Inga Wind

I've been thinking lately about how, in the pre mesh days, people really had to be creative to get certain effects. Sometimes the results were amazing. I still like a little movement in my clothes, though many designers have stopped using flexi attachments. So I was thinking about Inga Wind, who made clothes that moved on their own, as if fluttering in a breeze. To my delight, she's still around, and has been working in mesh.

This is one of her outfits, called Angel. It comes in several colors, and this is the gold version. The halo has sparkle particles. The dress comes with 3 sets of wings: sculpted, a static alpha texture on two prims, and an animated version of the second that flaps. There’s also a tiara and an optional flexiskirt. The skirt doesn’t move on its own, but it does move beautifully with the body.

My hair came from Alli&Ali, and there’s a free version on Marketplace, in blue.


Costume: *IW* Angel in Gold
Jewelry: *MM* Feather Set
Bangles: Savoha gold bangles
Hair: A&A Bianca
Body: Eve Slim
Head: Catwa Amy
Ears: *COCO* Doll ears
Eyes: S0ng Nell eyes
Prop: Garden Sanctuary from Boudoir
Windlight: [TOR] SCIFI - 2012 and [TOR] SCIFI - Conciergist

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gothic Romance

Trilby lives in a Victorian area of the grid, on a wild, romantic moor. She's been sitting in the shadows by the overgrown fountain reading Jane Eyre, the part where we find out who it is in the attic. Then it starts to rain, and she runs for the house, inadvertently showing off her outfit. Women are always running in gothic romances, after all. (see below)

One can often make a dress look vaguely 19th Century by adding a shawl. This dress is very skimpy for the period, low cut with a bare back and spaghetti straps. This shawl is available in many colors and patterns. This one, in white lace, is full bright, and cannot be changed. 


Here's a detail of a photo of Victorian shawls from http://ellenbloom.blogspot.com/2011/10/steampunk-style.html

An amusing blog about gothic romances:

Book cover art showing Jane Eyre running from a house:

Dress: Goplana in vanilla, from !go!
Shawl: Mantones 1- encaje blanco, from **Ra**Creations**
Body: Eve Slim, from Eve
Head: Amy from Catwa
Hair: Petra, from Emo-tions
Eyes: Nell, from S0ng