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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

More Art!

My adventures as part of the Art Study Group continued last Monday. We saw two exhibits about computers. The first one is called 'Laptop', and is a giant laptop that you can tour on a segway. Here are some photos:

This exhibit was fun, and quite involved as you travel around the mother board, go around the hard drive, etc. 

The second show was called, 'Big Data Goes to Bonestedt'. It was a bit darker, more about disconnecting from real life. Fragments of people and voices surround you. Some of the voices reminded me of NASA moon walk recordings, which added to the feeling of isolation. 

You could ride on some of the spheres, and leave behind a trail of your distorted profile picture. Occasionally, your profile might cross someone else's, but most of the time you just go around in a figurative circle. The large figures were tossing a heart made of light from hand to hand. There's a lot of bright and shiny stuff around to play with, but the people are fragmented. In the bottom photo, you can see class members and get a sense of scale.


 You can see the details of my outfit on my flickr page

Windlight: Naminaeko series

Friday, January 20, 2017

Harp Nouveau

I've been wanting to do something with the gorgeous scroll head harp from DRD for a long time. It's just hard to get the harp and the harpist in the same frame. Then Virtual Diva had a sale, and I got their Ole pose pack, among other things. The poses seemed to work well with the harp, and with an art nouveau theme.

Another inspiration for this photo shoot is the kimono jacket I'm wearing. I was trying out a new bento AO, and the woman next to me was wearing this jacket. It perfectly suits my bohemian taste. I love to add shawls, scarves, anything with fringe. This jacket has color change fringe. It seemed like the perfect thing to throw on over one's ball gown on a chilly morning.

This wonderful flower crown was in a gacha at Shiny Shabby. It reminded me of a Mucha painting, so I got it in several colors. The long hair reminded me of Mucha too. Here's an example in case you're not familiar with this artist:

He also did the famous Job cigarette paper ad in 1898.

Here's another hairstyle for that Mucha look:

This hair is from Nani, and it's quite long. I also took off the kimono jacket so you could see the gown and jewelry. The gown is mesh, and the train is flexi. It also has appliers for the bit of sheer netting on the chest and back. The necklace and earrings have a hud to change the metal color.


Floral crown by Lode. Now at Shiny Shabby
The first hair is Ocean Hair from Letituier. Now at The Secret Affair
Gown is Nouveau from Siss Boom
Kimono jacket is from Addams
Necklace/earring set is Dreamcatcher from Bowtique
Bangles are from Sahova, but may not be available anymore
The second hair is Nehelenia from Nani
Harp is from The Victorian Musicroom collection from DRD
Poses from Virtual Diva
As usual, I'm wearing the Maitreya mesh body
Vista pro hands
Catwa mesh head, Catya
Skin by Insol

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I'm in an art study group that meets Monday nights at 6:00 PM, SLT. Last week we went to an installation called Lichtbringer at LEA2. The LEA sims are awarded to artists who submit a proposal and pass a review. They then have a sim and 6 months to create their environment. You land here and will see some textured spheres to teleport with. There's also a free cinematic camera to pick up. When you wear it, your view is long and narrow like in a movie theater. Explore a bit where you land, and you'll find other gifts. They recommend setting your graphics to ultra, and it's really worth it, if your computer can handle it, even for a few minutes.

There are 8 environments to experience. Some are quite psychedelic. You can see in the photo above how the light is projecting on my avatar. I'm in the pictures to give you a sense of scale, and also I'm trying out some Pre-Raphaelite poses. The next photo is at SpaceRocks. It's an environment with giant physical rocks tumbling about. You can sit on some of them and dance around in the chaos.

Here's another shot:

This next photo was taken at Holodeck, where you can do tai chi, among other things.

Here's another view. Notice how the light has changed. Everything is constantly changing. And there's a lot more to see.


Lichtbringer information
Lichtbringer landmark
Dress: Noemi from Luas
Hair: Sweetheart hair from Kotte
Necklace and crown from Les Sucreries de Fairy at Cosmopolitan
Waterhouse poses from Alchemy Immortals
Catwa's Catya head
Maitreya body
Vista pro hands
Art Study Group meets here. All are welcome.