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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

More Art!

My adventures as part of the Art Study Group continued last Monday. We saw two exhibits about computers. The first one is called 'Laptop', and is a giant laptop that you can tour on a segway. Here are some photos:

This exhibit was fun, and quite involved as you travel around the mother board, go around the hard drive, etc. 

The second show was called, 'Big Data Goes to Bonestedt'. It was a bit darker, more about disconnecting from real life. Fragments of people and voices surround you. Some of the voices reminded me of NASA moon walk recordings, which added to the feeling of isolation. 

You could ride on some of the spheres, and leave behind a trail of your distorted profile picture. Occasionally, your profile might cross someone else's, but most of the time you just go around in a figurative circle. The large figures were tossing a heart made of light from hand to hand. There's a lot of bright and shiny stuff around to play with, but the people are fragmented. In the bottom photo, you can see class members and get a sense of scale.


 You can see the details of my outfit on my flickr page

Windlight: Naminaeko series

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