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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Magic and love!

I'm posing at Totally Top Shelf today. Their theme is Magic March. I do feel as if I time travelled into a medieval village, to the market where the magical beings shop. Here you can find glowing eyes, crystal balls, and lots of outfits, including the dress I'm wearing.

It's decorated with moons and stars and a silver studded belt, and comes in several colors. I paired it with these fantastic moon boots from the current Steam Hunt, and sparkling celestial jewelry. Details follow in the credits.

I've blogged before about the free Oracul animation pack. This morning, I went to Kuso, and found it had been updated. As if all this wasn't exciting enough, in the Oracul package was something called Kuso Phone V. I put it on to see what it was, and it's a typing AO. It's wonderful. Here's a photo of what it does:

It gives you a cute pink phone with a heart on the back. The phone only appears when you type in local chat. There are two animation included with it. One is the typing or dialing animation in the above photo. The second animation is a talking on the phone animation (below). Both animations have a talking animation that runs at the same time. Particle hearts come out while you use the phone! I just love it.

 I know you'll want to run over and grab one now, so I'll stop talking and give you the credits. :D


Phone typer is from Kuso/Oracul (Go in the side that says AX. Click on the blue arrow on the pillar by the door)
Onyx Morgana Dress from Oubliette is now at Totally Top Shelf
Steamy Moon Boots are from Rainy Fae Creations and are prize #070 in Steam XII
Galatea Collection jewelry is from J&W Jewelers
Pichi.Hair is from Nani and is now at Whimsical in a gacha
As usual, I'm wearing the Maitreya mesh body
Vista pro hands
Catwa mesh head, Catya
Catwa mesh eyes with applier from Avi-Glam
Skin from Lara Hurley
Candy Lipstick from Insol
Caledon Tartan nail appliers are here

Windlight: Naminaeko Fairies Sleeping

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